Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Makita BTD142HW Product Review

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I do a number of projects through our house and some woodworking. By far the most frequently used tool is a cordless drill/driver. I own an 18V with a traditional battery; a good performer but heavy and slightly unbalanced in the hand. A 14.4 volt with traditional battery which became much less used after the purchase of the 18 volt but still saw some use on short duration projects simply because it is lighter than the 18V, and DeWalt 7.2V "stick-style" used for smaller and/or more delicate projects. Over the past year, on DIY programs and in tool reviews, I had been noticing more attention given to impact drivers for everyday use in a broad variety of applications and projects. Especially in driving screws. Since this is a lot of what I use my drill/drivers for, my interest was piqued by the general consensus that the impact drivers were more efficient and less prone to the bit skipping out of the screw heads. This prompted my quest for yet another new tool for the arsenal. I hit the shelves of the local stores and checked out the current crop. From the very first time I picked up this one I was in love. You see, I have been cursed with wide palms and short fingers and not a single power tool I have ever held or used truly felt comfortable in my hand. Mind you, I could still get a firm grip and it was never a safety problem, but especially with a heavier tool like my 18V, on longer projects I inevitably ended up with fatigue and a lingering ache in my wrist. When I wrapped my hand around this baby I had to have it. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never had a tool feel so natural and balanced in my hand! The store I first encountered this at was my local Home Depot and they also had the previous generation which was identical in spec, shape and size with the exception of color and the fact it came with 3.0Ah batteries instead of the 1.5 in this kit (and if I'm not mistaken the charger on this one is slightly more advanced). I liked the weight and balance on this one better and with the 15 minute charge time I was willing to sacrifice the run time for the lighter weight and better balance. After a month of use I am extremely happy with the performance and my purchase. It does an impressive job of driving screws of all types and sizes. Significantly better than anything else I have used and the benefit of the Lithium-Ion holding its charge while sitting on the shelf is very handy. I will still lug along my 18V or 14.4V when pilot holes are necessary but in tandem with this only for the convenience of not having to change bits, and I also still use the DeWalt for tight spots and more delicate tasks. If you need the longer run time, I would recommend getting the previous generation model. My only regret is that just today here on the Amazon site I saw the kit with the accompanying drill for just about the same price as this kit. At the time I purchased this, that combo kit was $70 more and i opted to save the bucks. Otherwise I have absolutely have no regrets about my purchase.

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This is an excellent tool. It's everything I expected and more! It drove 2 1/2 screws into solid wood and countersank them with no problems. And taking out screws was superb also. As a woodworker, I can't rave about this tool enough!